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David HolmPotato Breeding and Physiology


San Luis Valley Research Center

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Research Interests:

Potato Breeding and Selection Project Leader. Principal investigator for project COLO0712 – “Development of New Potato Cultivars for Colorado via Germplasm Enhancement and Evaluation”. Research emphasizes the development of potato cultivars for Colorado with increased yield, improved quality, resistance to diseases and pests, and tolerance to environmental stresses. Additional emphasis has been placed on breeding for improved postharvest and processing qualities such as lengthened dormancy, ability to process after cold storage, and resistance to storage diseases. Other responsibilities include developing limited generation seed stocks of advanced selections and new cultivars for release to growers for evaluation and increase. Dave’s research allows him to work closely with various segments of the potato industry in Colorado and other states. Dave particularly enjoys the opportunity of interacting with local and out-of-state growers of new selections he has under evaluation. Dave has released or cooperated in the release of eight potato cultivars. Notable releases are Russet Nugget and Chipeta. Colorado has a higher percentage of its commercial potato acreage devoted to cultivars developed locally than any other state.

Dave was raised on a family potato farm in southeastern Idaho. He is married to Vonda.


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