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James Klett

Jim Klett, Hortculture and Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University

Landscape Horticulture, Ornamentals, and Nursery Management

219 Shepardson
970-491-7179 office



Research Interests:

  • Landscape Horticulturist with expertise in landscape plant material identification, culture and care.
  • Plant evaluation, both herbaceous (annual and perennials) and woody plants, for Rocky Mountains and High Plains area. Production and cultural research including water requirements for herbaceous and woody plants.
  • Coordinate several state and regional programs including Plant Select® and Planttalk Colorado.

 Courses Taught:

HORT 221 – Landscape Plants
HORT 321 – Nursery Production and Management
HORT 322 – Herbaceous Plants
HORT 466 – Urban & Community Forestry (team taught)


Extension & Outreach

Flower Trial Garden

Perennial Garden

Woody Plant Research

Plant Select

Planttalk Colorado


Selected Publications:

Klett, J. and Koski, R. 2012. Weed Control in Container-Grown Herbaceous Ornamental Plants. Hort Science. Supplement 47(9) ps 330.

O’Connor, A., Klett, J. and Koski, A. 2012. Nursery Tree Production and Transplant Success of Pyrus calleryana ‘Glen’s Form’ (Chanticleer). Influenced by Container Types and Overwintering Treatments. Hort Science. Supplement 47(9) ps 203.

Bousselot, J., Klett, J. and Koski, R. 2012. Evaluating a Natural Zeolite as an Amendment for Extensive Green Root Substrate, Journal of Environmental Horticulture. 30(4):201-206.

Klett, J., Bousselot, J. and Koski, R. 2012. Evaluation of Green Roof Plants and Materials for Semi-Arid Climates, EPA-National Center for Environmental Publications. EPA/600/R-12-592. 78 pages.

Klett, J. 2012. 2012 Flower Winners. CSU Research Update, Colorado Green. 28(1):16-17.

Klett, J. 2012. 2012 Superior Annuals. CSU Update CNGA Looseleaf. 30(6) 16-18.

Klett, J. 2012. Exceptional Woody Plants. CSU Research Update, Colorado Green. 28(4)10.

Klett, J. 2012. Horticulture Related Water Studies. Colorado Water. 29(2) 6-7.


Curriculum Vitae

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