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Student Organization Highlight: SCASLA

Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects at LA Day Lecture Series

By Conrey Morris

SCASLA, the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, is a continuously growing community of emerging landscape designers with the express goal of lifting each other up through mutual growth and professional development. A small group of officers run the show, hosting lectures, portfolio critiques, firm visits, and any other opportunities for students to branch out into the field of Landscape Architecture. That being said, our real strength lies within the support of our members, a variety of 1st to 4th year students who consistently attend our meetings (even if it’s just for the pizza!) and take part in all of the events we host. Whether it’s late nights fundraising with RamRide, or showcasing their work at one of our peer-critiques, the energy our members bring to the organization makes it a vibrant community.

In the first week of April, we hosted our 24th annual LA Days lecture series – five nights of lectures from world-renowned practicing landscape architects and academics. As our single largest event, and a department tradition, LA Days energizes our students and gets them excited to tackle the environmental, social, and economic challenges that await them after graduation. This year we hosted co-authors Eliza Pennypacker and Stuart Echols, of Artful Rainwater Design, to discuss methods of managing stormwater runoff that are ecologically and hydrologically functional, but also aesthetically enjoyable and creative. World-renowned landscape architect and professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, Martha Schwartz, talked about how sustainability and Landscape Architecture go hand-in-hand and showcased some of her current projects. Another speaker, David Gouverneur, talked about his time working in Venezuela finding solutions to the rise in informal developments placed in dangerous locations. Our last speaker, Chris Grubbs, the most accomplished architectural illustrator in the U.S., lectured on how to create visually striking drawings and even stayed an extra day to host an informal crash course in sketching, followed by a walk around campus to practice. It was another fantastic LA Days, and we are very excited for next year!

SCASLA meets on Mondays in NESB 101 at 11:45am – If you are a Landscape Architecture student or simply interested in finding out more about what we do, come check us out!

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