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Student Organization of Landscape Design and Contracting (SOLDAC)

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Being a part of SOLDAC, the Student Organization of Landscape Design and Contracting, gives students great opportunities that provide huge value to our career goals and our lives. By being a member of the club, it provides us with helpful events such as industry speakers, community gatherings and the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC).

Having our club host speakers who are leaders within the landscaping industry gives us the chance to hear professionals speak about all aspects of their companies and their personal journeys to becoming successful. Having industry members speak to our club monthly leads to great internship opportunities or sometimes permanent career placement. We also host many student gatherings which build stronger relationships among our peers. Often times, student gatherings give our club the opportunity to contribute back to the community in events such as Fall Cleanup.

The biggest reason for our club is having the opportunity to compete in the largest landscaping competition, NCLC. Think of this event as the “Super Bowl” of landscaping! Every spring, our club organizes and trains a team to take part in this competition. There are 29 different events that students get to compete in. This ranges from academic events such as plant ID, to field events like hardscape installation and truck and trailer operations, to business events such as sales presentation and professional development. We also get the opportunity to attend the largest career fair in our industry. There are over 200 companies that come out for recruitment not only in the U.S., but Canada as well. Out of the 70+ schools from coast to coast, last year our team’s hard work and dedication to this competition allowed us to place third, leading to our program being recognized around the country. By competing in these competitions, we gain professional development, exposure to the industry, and create valuable relationships.

Being a member of SOLDAC gives emerging landscape design and contracting professionals many opportunities to reach their goals and make connections with peers through participating in our club events. We would love for anyone to attend who is interested! Please contact Kelsie Cady for more information and club meeting times at

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