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Faculty and Staff Highlights and Honors

Dave Holm

Dr. David Holm was born in Southeast Idaho and raised on a family farm in Bingham County.  Potatoes, grain, and alfalfa were the primary crops raised.  He credits his Dad and Grandfather with instilling in him an interest in potatoes, and his 7th grade science teacher with helping him decide on a career in science when he challenged the class to start thinking about what they wanted to do for a living. Read More

kelly curl

Kelly Curl is an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Curl is originally from Pennsylvania, where she first learned about landscape architecture while attending the Pennsylvania Governor’s School in the Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Comprehensive Science and Mathematics at Villanova University. Read More

Jim Klett

CSU Alumni Association Awards, April 2017

Dr. Jim Klett was recognized by the University Alumni Association with a Best Teacher Award.  Dr. Klett’s many years in the department have had a measurable and remarkable impact on hundreds of students, and it is wonderful to see him recognized for his teaching. Read More

zach johnson recieving award
Zach Johnson and Jessica Davis
Jim Klett, Brad Goetz, Tracy Smith, Harrison Hughes, and Mark Uchanski

Shepardson Awards, May 2017

Several members of our faculty and staff were honored within the College of Agricultural Sciences this month for their outstanding work in a number of areas including teaching, research, and student advising. Read More

Brad Goetz, Charles N. Shepardson Faculty Teaching Award

Zach Johnson, Charles N. Shepardson Meritorious/NACTA Teaching Award

Harrison Hughes, Summit Student Impact Award

Mark Uchanski, Summit Team Research Award

Tracy Smith, Summit Aggie Community Award

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