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Undergraduates Working in the Department this Summer

Summertime in the department may be a bit quieter without all of our students; however, it is also a productive, often rewarding time for the students who stick around and work in the department in a variety of capacities during the growing season. We wanted to share a few words directly from these students and the faculty they are working with!

Mike DiLegge (Horticulture, ‘18) is working in Dr. Vivanco’s lab on his own research involving biological control mechanisms of plant parasitic nematodes, and he hopes to put out a peer-reviewed publication in 2018.

“Working in the lab, I am constantly challenged and motivated to excel in my area of study. It keeps me from just checking out over the summer.”

Dr. Vivanco added, “Summer undergraduate researchers are very important for our department as they provide scientific curiosity and vitality needed to accomplish our research goals.”

Emily Helmus (Horticulture, ‘18) is helping to take care of the Annual Trial Garden along with a crew of student employees who work for Dr. Jim Klett.

“It’s so nice to be able to come to work in the garden each day. A lot of people stop by and talk with me about how much the garden means to them. I love that the garden goes really deep – it’s not just a place for us – the whole community loves it!”

David McKinney (Horticulture, ‘18) is working to help re-establish the plants in the newly relocated Perennial Demonstration Garden.

“It’s been fantastic to get connected with the Larimer County Master Gardeners and to be able to work directly with Dr. Klett this summer.”

Dr. Klett comments, “We would not get any work done without our student workers!  Having knowledgeable students who are interested in helping with the research is essential for the department.”

April Ferzoco (Horticulture, ‘20) helps out with a variety of projects in the Main HLA Office.

“Working in the office really helps me feel like I am a part of the department. I hope to be an adviser one day and this is a really good experience for me to see what that is all about.”

Evan Panter (Horticulture, ‘19) is working at the Horticulture Center Greenhouse for Dr. Steve Newman and Research Associate, Mike Hazlett (B.S., Horticulture, ‘14).

“I like getting to see what research is being done over the summer, and it’s cool to get to play a small part in what’s going on. It keeps me connected with the department.”

Mike added, “Summertime is a really great opportunity for us to get things on our task lists done here in the greenhouses.”

Travis Kapetan (Horticulture, ‘17) is feeling very good about his practicum research project looking at intercropping in the Student Education Garden this summer with Dr. Mark Uchanski.

“I’m learning too much to even keep track this summer. The best part is that this experience is really motivating me to see how I want to live my life.”

Brandon McCarron (Horticulture, ‘18) is working with a graduate student in a neighboring department as well as putting in some hours in Dr. Adam Heuberger’s lab.

“Summertime is great! Not having classes and being able to devote 100% to what the lab is working on allows me to be quite a bit more engaged. I was lucky to land this opportunity for one-on-one mentorship. It’s cool to really make a connection with the people doing research in my field.”

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