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Yaling Qian

Dr. Yaling Qian is a Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Yaling is originally from Zhejiang, China, where she started her career in teaching and research in plant sciences.  She credits her mother and grandmother for supporting and encouraging her to pursue a professional career.

Dr. Qian received her B.S. (Biology), and M.S. (Botany) in China, and her Ph.D. (Horticultural Science) from Kansas State University in 1996.  She worked as an assistant research scientist at Texas A&M Research Center in Dallas from 1996 to 1997, and began her career as a faculty member in 1998 at Colorado State University.

Yaling developed and teaches courses in Turfgrass Science and Soil-Plant-Water Relations.   Turfgrass Science is the capstone course for senior level students with their study concentration in turfgrass management.  Soil-Plant-Water Relations/Water Stress Physiology is a graduate-level course for students who are interested in studying water in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum and studying plant responses to drought, flood, and salinity stresses.

Yaling has developed a program of research, focusing on water and salt stress. Yaling’s principal research activities include 1) studying the use/effects of recycled wastewater in urban landscapes; 2) characterization/development of saltgrass for both turf and reclamation uses and assessment of saltgrass environmental stress tolerance; and 3) carbon sequestration and trace gas flux in urban turfgrass systems.  In so doing, she has made significant contributions through her studies of landscape plants’ response to and tolerance for reclaimed water, and to the development of salt and drought-tolerant saltgrass for use on stressed sites. In addition, Dr. Qian, by leading key collaborations with others, established creative approaches to assessing the mechanisms by which managed turfgrass systems promote environmental sustainability, such as through carbon sequestration.

During her tenure at Colorado State University, Yaling has published 65 refereed publications, 3 book chapters, and over 100 non-refereed technical articles and abstracts.   Her research has also been highlighted in popular newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, CSA News, and the USDA News Room.  She maintains close interactions with turf industry professionals in Colorado and considers these relationships critical to her research program.  Currently, she serves as an associate editor for Crop Science.

Yaling and her husband, Yude, enjoy various activities, including gardening, traveling, and hiking.

photo of Yaling Qian
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