HORT 792 – Seminar

A one credit course offered in both the fall and spring semesters. All Horticulture graduate students are required to enroll in this course for at least two semesters, and encouraged to attend as much as possible through out their graduate studies. In addition to providing an opportunity for these students to present their research proposals and required exit seminars, the HLA Seminar hosts a variety of faculty, staff, and guest speakers that present material relevant to all graduate students in our department.

Please contact Dr. Jessica Davis with questions about this seminar series.

Spring 2019

NESB B101 (unless otherwise noted)
Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Watch live –


22 – The State of Our Department Dr. Jessica Davis, HLA Department Head

29 – Exploring Plant Factories in Taiwan and Japan – Dr. Steve Newman, HLA Professor & Extension Specialist


5 – Romaine Roulette: Examining Current Produce Safety Rule Protections – Dr. Amy Sheflin, HLA Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

12 – Microbial Diagnostics and Characterization for Produce Safety – Dr. Bledar Bisha, University of Wyoming

19 – Brewing Flavor Chemistry: Analytical Challenges and Opportunities – Dr. Dana Sedin, New Belgium

26 – LUNCH SERVED – Horticulture in Your Environment – Dr. Ken Goldsberry, BS ’54, MS ‘62


5 – Microgreen Mineral Uptake – Caitlin Bird, HLA Graduate Student

12 – Utilizing Analytical Chemistry in Your Horticulture Research: What Instrumentation is Available to You and What Questions Can It Help You Answer? – Dr. Jacqueline Chaparro, PhD ‘15, HLA Research Scientist

19 – No Seminar – Spring Break

26 – Note Location: Shepardson 212 – LUNCH SERVED (Shepardson 114) – Colorado Alpine Plants – Mike Kintgen, BS 2003, Denver Botanic Gardens


2 – Sustaining Healthy Honey Bees through the Colorado Beekeeping Mentor Program – Dr. Arathi Seshadri, Soil & Crop Sciences Extension Specialist, and Kurt Jones, Chaffee County Extension Director

9 – Water Use and Drought Tolerance Test of 35 Cool Season Turfgrasses – Josh Lambright, HLA Graduate Student

16 – An Inventory of Irrigated Agriculture throughout the Regions of the Ag Experiment Station Research Centers – Tabitha Covey, HLA Graduate Student

23 – LUNCH SERVED – TBD – Guest Speaker hosted by Graduate Students

30 – Reducing Shrinkage in Potatoes During Storage – Esam Emragi, HLA Graduate Student


7 – Estimation of Capsaicinoid Compounds in Colorado-Grown Pepper Cultivars – Mansor Hamed, HLA Graduate Student

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